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About Therapy

Every life has a story and every story has a meaning. It may be that you are seeking therapy at a time of crisis: loss of a loved one; diagnosis of illness; relationship difficulties or breakdown. You may find yourself in a period of transition: moving home; becoming a parent; changing careers. Maybe you just have a sense that in some way your life is not working for you as you had hoped. Whatever the reason, psychotherapy offers a space for thoughtful reflection and exploration which has the potential to birth deeper understanding of yourself, enriching your life and relationships.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic therapy holds that our thinking and behaviour is affected by processes of which we are not fully conscious and that there are themes and patterns in our lives of which we are often not aware.  This goes hand in hand with a recognition that past experiences, particularly childhood experiences can help us understand present difficulties.


Individual Therapy

Sessions are for one hour and take place on the same day and at the same time each week.  My fees are in the scale of £50-£65 per session. A preliminary consultation over one or two meetings will give us an opportunity to explore what you are looking for and whether or not we can work together as well as the practical issues of frequency, available appointment times, fee and payment details. If you wish to explore the possiblity of engaging in regular therapy with me, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


Therapeutic Supervision

As a supervisor I offer a space where unconscious and parallel processes can be thought about, fostering self-reflection and curiosity. Paying attention to and placing value on transference within the therapeutic and supervisory relationship, I invite my supervisees to explore their work within a psychoanalytic framework, enabling them to better understand their clients and the work they do with them. My hourly fee for supervision is £50. If you would be interested in working with me as supervisor for your therapeutic work, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation. 

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